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Brazilian Blow Dry - BKT


The best way to tame and manage wavy or curly hair, without using harsh chemicals.


"Juvexin" is the main ingredient that reduces the stiffness in your natural hair and softens your natural curls into lovely straight hair, leaving it shiny and soft.  This treatment works well on afro, mixed textured and european hair types.


This taming system reduces your blow dry time and leaves your hair straight, smooth and healthy


This is THE BEST zero-chemical hair straightener, and will last for around 3-4 months!



All our sew-in weave extensions are tailored to look and feel as natural as possible.


We use many innovative techniques for clients who suffer from hair loss.  Some clients love full weaves and some prefer partial weaves. Whatever your needs are, we have the experience and skill to give you the look that you desire. Our aim is to give you a weave that looks and feels natural.


Our weaves are designed not to damage your natural hair, but to encourage and promote healthy hair growth.


With our after care plan, you will know how to maintain your weave effectively.  This will benefit your natural hair so it also remains in tip top condition.  Our weave techniques are designed so you feel no discomfort during the process or in the days after your treatment.



Micro Bead Extensions are individually placed hair extensions with no glue, no heat and no damage.


This is the most favoured technique used by celebrities and clients who want natural looking extensions. We use 100% human Remy hair extensions  which are I-tips with keratin.  This is not glue or a harsh chemical - in fact it is a natural protein  found in hair.


We source the finest human Remy hair that has aligned cuticles. The cuticles are intact, which means this hair does not shed or tangle.


Micro beads can be worn for up to 3-4 months with regular maintenance.  You can shampoo, dry and use a thermal iron with a heat protector and your extension will remain in tip top condition.


We can custom blend the correct colour so you get that undeniably natural looking finish. With our after care plan, damage to your hair is kept to a minimum, so if you want to add instant length, add volume or add spot colour to your hair, micro bead extensions are what you need.


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